Innovation is born when the essence of timing and unique resources coexist. VitalGenomics’ core team reflects such a reality; with seasoned pain management specialists, marketing and communication rebels, educators, genetic scientists, nationally recognized researchers, and successful business professionals.

We’ve committed our combined strengths to becoming your total solution pharmacogenomics partner to maximize the next genetic generation of healthcare and wellness. Together we can greatly improve and enhance the level of care to your patients. Our team has worked tirelessly to secure partnerships with the very best labs, clinicians and researchers, providing your practice with uncompromised flexibility and responsiveness.


VitalGenomics was established to fill the void created by the rapid acceleration of pharmacogenomics technology and the demanding reality of maintaining a specialty practice. We’re dedicated to providing our physicians with state of the art pharmacogenomics technology, training, educational support, and patient communications.


With the help of personalized medicine and our physician partnership network, we’re shifting the health care management paradigm to focus on prevention, moving from illness to wellness, and from treating disease to maintaining health.

By improving our physicians’ ability to predict and account for individual differences in disease diagnosis, experience, and therapy response, personalized medicine offers hope for diminishing the duration and severity of illness, shortening product development timelines, and improving success rates. At the same time, we might be able to reduce healthcare costs by improving our physicians’ ability to quickly and reliably select effective therapy for a given patient while minimizing costs associated with ineffective treatment and avoidable adverse events.