Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is precision medicine capable of transforming the way physicians prescribe and manage personalized patient care.


The impact of the 2003 Human Genome project continues to grow: increasing volumes of research, advancements in diagnostic equipment, and the reduced cost of PGx testing means there’s never been a better time to enhance your practice.


The guesswork of prescribing medicines are long gone. PGx is a predictive scientific tool, delivering accurate, objective third party data of your patient’s genetic blueprint, resulting in more effective personalized drug therapies.



Vital Genomics PGx testing provides relevant analysis on 23 genes associated with the metabolism, response and interactions of over 70 of the most common prescribed medications across multiple physician specialties. Learn More about test panels.


Our proprietary algorithm generates a unique report, interpreting the PGx results for each patient. Physicians receive medication management assistance and clinical decision support based on PGx evidence. See sample report.

Differences in DNA lead to wild variations in how human beings respond to prescription drugs.


of Caucasians


of African Americans


of Asians


of Polynesians

…don’t metabolize prescription drugs normally!

PGx provides a personalized approach to medicine by giving us a scientific blueprint for each patient

The goal of personalized medicine is to individualize health care by using knowledge of patients’ health history, behaviors, environments, and, most importantly, genetic variation when making clinical decisions.

American Medical Association

The power in tailored therapeutics is for us to say more clearly to payers, providers, and patients – ‘this drug is not for everyone, but it is for you.’ This is exceedingly powerful.

John C. Lechleiter, PhD

President & CEO, Eli Lily & Company

Today, one of our biggest goals is to cut the cost of requencing an entire human genome to $1,000 or less. This advance will pave the way for each person’s genome to be sequenced as part of the standard of care, leading to a revolution in the practice of medicine.

Francis S. Collins, MD, PhD

Director, National Institutes of Health

PGx is PRECISION MEDICINE that will help address adverse drugs events (ADE) responsible for:

100,000 patient deaths per year

700,000 ER room visits per year

40,000 drug-related suicides

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