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No two patients have the same genetic composition or metabolize any one drug with the same results or interactions. PGx results in the right drug at the right dose, helping you make the right diagnosis and drug therapy the first time.



Having the correct, individualized drug pathway delivers therapeutic results faster and safer, while reducing cost and anxiety. Increased efficiency and better outcomes engenders trust between you and your patients.


A non-invasive patient sample, taken with a single cheek swab, is all that’s needed. This self-contained kit is delivered to the lab via overnight courier, with comprehensive results available within 72 hours.


The science of PGx will help your practice attract and retain patients, while garnering referrals. The results of this “one and done” test is good for a lifetime and can readily be shared with every physician they may visit for the rest of their lives!

50 million people = 500 million drug prescriptions


Over 50% of prescriptions fail to have any effect at all on patient symptoms or health.