Everything we do provides assurance that you're justified in your treatment protocols and accountable in practice


Due Diligence

Objective, scientific data justifies “reasonable and necessary” treatment, providing evidence for even the most judicious eyes.


Bolster report data on quality measures, allowing for maximization of your reimbursement fulfillment.



Provides actionable data to ensure that the right medication at the right dose will be prescribed the first time to achieve desired results.


VitalGenomics provides end-to-end guidance, including implementation, execution and even promotional content to help educate your patients.

Guesswork? PGx works!

Considering the preponderance of prescriptions written today, it’s amazing that we’re EVER able to dial in the right drug at the right dose, providing much-needed relief to the patient. Combine that with a multiple-drug regimen where the outcomes are even MORE in doubt, and the problem becomes exponential. PGx solves this trial-and-error protocol, ensuring a truly-personalized treatment plan that fits each patient’s unique genetic profile.

  • Patient visits resulting in a drug prescription 67%
  • Adults in the US with at least ONE prescription 82%
  • Adults in the US with FIVE or more prescriptions 29%